George and Uma on Zuzana

Posted on June 20, 2013. Filed under Uma, Zuzana.
George was under the supervision of Uma and ready to be taught new methods of massage and how to please a customer at the highest level, and Zuzana you could wish for a more sexually sensitive customer. After an invigorating foot and head massage Zuzana was delivered and left the towel to provide a perfectly tanned bum Uma wasted no time in massaging and rubbing with the help of George. Zuzana could not hold and within minutes was gorging herself on Georges Uma throbbing hard cock rubbed and played with her on the other end. Suddenly the air exploded with unbridled warmth and you could feel the sexual energy in the air, a rare experience in normal day life. The three continued to pleasure each other culminating in George explode a load of cum on Zuzana pert breasts before three collapsed in a pile of sweaty bodies sexed.
George and Uma on Zuzana 1 George and Uma on Zuzana 2 George and Uma on Zuzana 3 George and Uma on Zuzana 4

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