George on Karol

Posted on May 4, 2013. Filed under Karol.
George is an experienced masseur massage rooms now and loves nothing more than to please their customers fully. So after your next customer called and Karol came, he was excited to see before him a tall, beautiful girl with perfect skin soft and dazzling white blonde hair, sexy eyes and an amazing body to match. George soon became de-robe from her and began to massage every part of your body without having to worry about the clock and your next appointment, but enjoying her magnificent breasts and bum incredibly soft chubby cheeks as he savored every minute with breathing contained waiting for her reaction when she would soon see his erect cock twitching. Karol had in his step as I was getting wetter by the minute and soon her feet around his penis before entering a position that George might slip their fingers inside her wet shaved hole, preparing it for his throbbing cock. Karol enjoyed every moment of their sensual encounter Karol together and soon took control and started riding George making sure she had a strong orgasm while her perfect breasts were bouncing with joy. This was a quote George did not want to see the end of, and Karol expected to visit again soon.
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