George on Violette

Posted on July 26, 2013. Filed under Violette.
It is very rare that a girl turns up that ticks every box only of what men want, but on this beautiful day that's exactly what happened. 24 years old Violette looked out the door and with a quiet shy all turned to see where this beautiful Angel Soft as the voice came. Its natural beauty shines through every pore, and his blue eyes are pure, but with a wink as possible encouraging them. As he undressed for massage George were grateful to all the witnesses to his young tight body perfectly toned and smooth shaved pussy. It's not often one gets to see a girl so sexy and what makes it even more attractive is that not even realize how hot it is. The scene was developed and became a real pleasure for all of us including Violette really let himself go George enjoying every second of being inside her and his cum in the back of her before slowly dripping from it.
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