George on Zuzana

Posted on June 10, 2013. Filed under Zuzana.
We were glad to see Zuzana visit massage parlors again and she was even happier that George, one of our more experienced masseurs was working when he did. He soon got his pull up behind the partition and in a towel so quickly whisked away while massaging her beautiful plump ass while lying on the table. After foot massage brand that guarantees that hot girls Zuzana said she could feel was being very sensitive to touch so slowly slid a couple of fingers inside her wet hole and rubs inside, which soon left her mute and wet. From that moment the two just go for it and enjoy a sexual frenzy that saw George explosion on numerous occasions. I think it's safe to say Zuzana will be back for another treatment soon.
George on Zuzana 1 George on Zuzana 2 George on Zuzana 3 George on Zuzana 4

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