Ken on Rachel

Posted on August 25, 2013. Filed under Rachel.
Ken is our new trainee masseuse and is fast becoming a hit with the ladies and Rachel was no exception, she made it clear from the beginning that she thought he was very handsome and could not wait for the cameras to roll. Rachel is a very beautiful girl and petite, with brown hair and lovely eyes pervasive evil. She is full of fun and just waiting to be deciphered and enjoyed, and she is no stranger to sex on set that gave an advantage newby blatant Ken. Ken resisted the urge to jump directly and instead proceeded to massage the body in the form of Rachel and beautiful feet before making his way up her plump breasts with his big hands. At this point Rachel was craving cock but he remained professional until he slid his fingers in her tight oiled hole to which she replied, grateful for his big cock out and giving it a good wanking. Once these two began we let them go for it, were so wrapped up in each other and moved from one position to another with no slowdown, each wanting more of what the other had to offer.
Ken on Rachel 1 Ken on Rachel 2 Ken on Rachel 3 Ken on Rachel 4

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