Lola and Uma on Tommy

Posted on July 17, 2013. Filed under Lola, Uma.
Giggles and laughter ran through the whole morning as we prepare for the day's shooting and blatant noises were, of course, comes from two of our most recognized and beloved masseurs, Lola and Uma. No doubt they were getting excited about the fact that one of the favorites men of girls, since he or Tommy called as we know it came from a special treatment. Uma and Lola took no time to get stripped him a towel just before he massaged from head to toe. After a couple of naughty looks from one to the other girls turned it around, turned the towel and left the table on top of him and started to give him a treat he'd never forget for as long as he lived .
Lola and Uma on Tommy 1 Lola and Uma on Tommy 2 Lola and Uma on Tommy 3 Lola and Uma on Tommy 4

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