Lola on Eileen

Posted on July 29, 2013. Filed under Lola, Eileen.
Lola was a million miles away, I was reading while waiting for his next customer, but soon brightened when the beautiful Eileen walked in. At 5 feet 10 inches and with a firm toned body and big natural breasts that would put any lingerie model to shame that she really is a marvel. It did not take long to get Lola Eileen naked and lying on massage bed covered by a small towel, she wasted no time in rubbing the oil into their plump breasts gloppy large Amazonian body until she could not hold more and had to slowly slide his hot fingers in and out of Eileen for now very wet hole. Later the two girls ended in a scissor position are rubbing pussies together until each exploded with orgasmic pleasure which is then sealed with a sensual kiss.
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