Lola on Tommy

Posted on April 10, 2013. Filed under Lola.
Lola usually deals with clients who come to visit our site for some practice, treatment sensual, but this time we accept a request for Tommy, it was very, very willing to spend time at the table. Lola works her magic on your body until it is sent to a state of relaxed tranquility, with its warm hands stroking and teasing him in intimate areas, can not fail to have an erection. Lola has no problem taking care of it with loving care and she spends a lot of time massaging his penis and testicles, where now there is a lot of stress! Tommy get the complete package of Lola, while riding with his rock hard cock inside her intense orgasms. Finally feel it's up to the launch, and Lola will not disappoint!
Lola on Tommy 1 Lola on Tommy 2 Lola on Tommy 3 Lola on Tommy 4

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