Uma on Ava

Posted on July 16, 2013. Filed under Uma, Ava.
It was a quiet morning on the set and everyone went about their busy preparations for the day, when suddenly the doors burst open and stood before us was this cute little girl that massive brown eyes pulled everyone in, like his cracking little body. Before I could say anything, he shouted to the whole world with an English accent classic bubble room in advance how much fun it was to come! Soon after came Uma, our undeniable experience masseuse and possibly horny. As soon as the two met it was clear this was going to be bad scene to say the least, and were not disappointed. Uma began covering perfectly formed young body with oil and immediately Ava magic began, Ava enjoyed every second of Uma expert hands rubbing oil on their breasts and legs and before long Uma had his hands full with more than just oil , but very smart girl for anything.
Uma on Ava 1 Uma on Ava 2 Uma on Ava 3 Uma on Ava 4

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