Uma on Richard

Posted on May 4, 2013. Filed under Uma.
Occasionally Uma has a great day at work and this usually includes some things that happen to make it so, if they are allowed to leave early or have a good customer to massage that she can have a chat with . But today was extraordinary, to the point where I was almost speechless and froze when he had to start moving his hands to the rock hard body perfectly sculpted Richard sat opposite her. Soon he was rubbing the oil deep into their extensive muscle and could not resist getting on top of him and removed the towel that revealed a magnificent hard length of his cock, that in no time at all she had in her mouth and between her feet for her work foot mark. Once fully aroused, Richard took control of the situation and Uma and proceeded to give a part of the cock were just dreams, culminating can not stop Uma squirts all over the table. This was a day to remember at Uma and eventually she would wonder if it was just a dream.
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