George on Billie

It is always good to girls who want to relax in front of the camera and let go at the moment, fortunately for George that is what may have happened today. Billie was on the table, with her fantastic body and big boobs, she is a cracker and was bubbling with anticipation and excitement, ready for a great rub and what else was to follow. It all started very professional rub with a butt and feet, but George thought it was massaging impossible to resist Bille is incredible tits that look almost unreal, as if he had so perfect in every way and once he touched almost ripped a hole in his pants! He had to go straight to lick her pussy and taste the juice had on offer, this was followed by a good fingering and then George got his throbbing cock out and shoved it deep inside her, which was met by the inclusion of yelps and moans. Billie enjoyed every stroke and was soon hard all swollen package George, after the first orgasm George his finger slipped back into her wet hole, making her pussy squelch and scream with pleasure, twisted her body all over the place when she came back. With her pussy juice dripping on her butt cheeks the table below George stuck his cock in her, and this creamy juices that now adorned his cock and put it in Billie mouth as she sucked his cock dry. But that was far from the last action of the day?
Date: September 26, 2013

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