George on Linda

While Linda stood naked waiting for George, wrap a towel around her, he was spellbound by her tall slender body and pure white skin, which was complemented by beautiful freckles and bright red hair. Once she was on the table, George went to work on her gorgeous body, massaging her back and shoulders before squeezing and playing with her pert bum bum cheeks and hole. Linda welcomed the attention on her ass and moaned softly as George slowly slid a finger in and rubbed her labia, so Linda is on her knees and sticking her ass in the air showing off her pink pussy lips led. George licked her asshole before unleashing his hard cock and plunge it into her tight hole, this was met with cries of ecstasy and the two just go away until Linda screamed as she had pumped an intense orgasm. George pulled Linda up, so she sat on his rock hard cock and quickly began rubbing her clit what to circle it and inject the entire length of the bed, which made George even hotter and the two indulged in many other positions culminating in a intense creampie.
Date: November 12, 2013

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