George on Samantha

George experienced hands were needed on this beautiful summer day as Samantha came up with an aching neck, George was happy to work before they even lay on the massage table. Once they did de we robe in awe of this 24 -year-old sexy body were her petite tanned body looked even better from her jet-black hair accompanied on her juicy ass and not to mention manicure hands and feet. George pay a lot of attention to her perfect ass before slipping his fingers into her well oiled pussy as she laid face done and began to circle and grab the blade as she welcomes his fingers deep into her hole, before then come all over them. After this time, it was felt by all of us that Samantha was on a sexual journey and did not know it surrounds, as they reveled in every second of this hot encounter. Soon she had George hard cock when she saw him the foot job of his life between her feet. George then she slid deep into her dripping hole in various positions before they scream with pleasure, her bent over the table and pounded her from behind until every drop of hot cum was pumped into her and then drain all over her throbbing pussy and glistening legs.
Date: September 12, 2013

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