George on Silvie

George is a real pro at what he does and takes his job very seriously, women massaging and soothing their pain away gives him real satisfaction, but every now and then a girl comes in for a treatment that rocks his world and he finds it hard to his erection to hide escape from his linen uniform. This was the exact scenario when 22 -year-old Silvie came and began to playfully flirt with George and was soon naked on her side with her legs exposing her tight little box and ask have secured her hip. Now, even a saint could not resist from such temptation and George is only after all the people, he soon found himself rubbing oil into the young girl plump pussy lips, and continue his fingers deep in her petite hole which they slide to grab and keep the bedding as she shuddered and began to cum. Within a short time George had on his back as she unleashes his hard weapon from his pants, and stared into his eyes, she began to suck and lick until he almost blew his load, but do not worry George soon reversed the charges and had them on the back as he hit her in many different ways before leaving her swollen pussy dripping young man full of hot sauce.
Date: September 12, 2013

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