Mona on Steve

Steve was as always a true gentleman, very calm and collected. He undressed and lay on the table, such as Mona instructed that she could do what she did with a deep muscle massage from his shoulders, and hands followed soon rubbing her nice big heavy white breasts up and down, as they dripped his body with oil. Mona was in her element and very pleased with himself, filled a big grin on her face as she flipped it and began to his cock and balls rub until he was shown a swollen cock she wasted no time sucking, as they looked deep into his eyes. After a good suck Mona jumped up and pushed her tight hole all the way down to its oily meat and pumped out as if it were the last thing she would ever do would be to make sure she came hard as she rubbed her clit, while his hard-on was deep inside her.
Date: October 20, 2013

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