Tracy on Eve Angel

A silent understanding and mutual respect between Tracy and Eva was clear from the beginning, the two girls a soft side, their personality, which in turn made the atmosphere in the room very relaxed and calm. Oil was soon all over Eves tanned bodies and their torpedo-like breasts were soon commander Tracys full attention, hardly sits Tracy hands due to the size of them. As Evas panties were removed temporarily fixed it to her pussy, the Tracy suggested that they obviously feeling horny, always wet down. Tracy sat down behind Eva, rubbing and then slip oiled fingers in and out of her pussy making Eve throw her head back in pleasure. It was not long until Eve Tracy make her cum and at that moment both girls kissed passionately before sharing a 69 with Tracy so overwhelmed by orgasmic trembling, she could barely lick could Eva and Tracy all do, she was again bow and again when they all came over Eves tongue.
Date: March 13, 2014

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