Uma and Mona on George

Uma busty Mona has been training to follow in their footsteps and treat their own customers with the same competence and affection, but today it is still by our mistress of seduction was monitored. Today George was lucky again and he finds himself in the enviable position of having treated a further two sexy girls. Uma Mona started off slowly, teaching her arm and shoulder rubs before they set George and Mona asked her bulging breasts rub up and down, while George and her body covered her ass in oil. Mona freed the large bump that obviously had in George pants so she could suck it while she got a good licking the other end. It was not long Mona drove this fat tool and love every second of it while Uma was sitting on Georges face and also got to fill them. It was obvious Uma needed cock, so while eating Mona from her pussy she pushed to fill in the air for George with his hard cock
Date: October 15, 2013

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